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Female orgasm

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In the book "Female orgasm. The best guide" describes in detail 11 types of female orgasm and techniques for achieving full satisfaction of a partner, including the technique of squirt. 9ways to help a partner achieve orgasm are described. 4tips are given to women who can't enjoy it how to fix it. And 20 poses are described by a man from behind for a bright female orgasm. After reading the book, there is a passionate desire to apply knowledge in practice and see your woman satisfied and satisfied!

Female orgasm

About the author

I am Peter Hope, a member of the American Psychological Association (APA), a psychotherapist and gynecologist. With the help of the conducted research, outlined briefly in this book, I will teach you to deliver the brightest orgasms to your partner, and women to get multiple orgasms.

In 2019, a team of specialists under my leadership conducted new research in identifying women's preferences in sex, ways and brightness of orgasms received by women. We studied more than 1,350 women with their consent, my patients, with an active sexual life at the age of 21-68 years.

So it was confirmed that all female orgasms somehow involve the space around the vagina, clitoris and the mysterious G-spot. And also that the female body is capable of a much greater range of pleasures than men assume.

This book will help you understand female orgasms and teach you how to deliver them to your partner. And for women, the book will be a pleasant mentor on the way to getting a long, unforgettable orgasm.

Orgasm is the culmination of sexual arousal, characterized by a strong sense of satisfaction, pleasure.

11types of female orgasms

1. Clitoral orgasm

As you know, the clitoris is a small point hidden in the upper part of the labia. The clitoris is woven from millions of nerve endings and is comparable in sensitivity to the penis.

Touching, stroking, light massage directly or through the tissue causes a sharp blood flow to this area. Most often, this is how a female orgasm is achieved easily.

If there are difficulties with clitoral pleasure, I recommend experimenting with movements. For example, stroking the clitoris in an up-and-down direction. Or alternating large and small circles. I also recommend using the cunnilingus technique.

Read more about the three techniques of cunnilingus in my book " Cunnilingus. The best guide for men".

The book will be useful, because different women need different directions of stimulation. Experiment with your partner to find exactly the movements that will end with a clitoral orgasm.

2.Vaginal orgasm from G-spot stimulation

The location of the cherished point. The G-spot is located on the front wall of the vagina 3-5 cm from the entrance. To feel it, insert your finger inside to about the middle of the phalanx closest to the palm and bend it, making a slight movement to the stomach. If you feel a slightly ribbed spongy surface, you can find just under it an orgasmic G-spot.

Many gynecologists have come to the conclusion that only thanks to the G-spot, women are able to experience a vaginal orgasm. But I want to assure you that it's not just about her.

When stimulated, blood naturally flows to this area, it swells and gives the feeling that many women call a truly powerful orgasm.

You can stimulate the G-spot in various ways: with a penis, a finger, sex toys, a vibrator. Experiment until you enjoy it.

3.Anal orgasm

Anal sex is a controversial pleasure. This pleasure is not for everyone: it seems unacceptable to a large number of women studied, and acceptable to some, but unnecessarily painful. However, some women are able to get pleasure from this type of sex.

According to the answers of women, anal orgasm feels like a vaginal orgasm. And in general, this is understandable: the anus and rectum are separated from the vagina and clitoris by a thin tissue, so some muscles and nerve endings in these parts of the body are common. Here we are talking about the sensitive muscles of the pelvic floor, the so-called Kegel muscles.

Here a man should be careful and find out in advance from his woman whether this type of pleasure is acceptable for her. And it is important to do it in a condom, after preparatory caresses, necessarily with the use of lubricants.

4.Mixed orgasm

Mixed is called an orgasm, which occurs if several erogenous female zones are stimulated at once. For example, the G-spot and the nipples. Or the nipples and clitoris.

Choose and combine to your taste. The more stimulation options involved, the better the blood flow and the more powerful the orgasm will be.

Also remember, in order to achieve a variety of sensations and stimulations, it is better to choose poses when a woman is on top. In this case, the man will have free hands, which means that access to the erogenous zones of the woman will be open.

5.Deep vaginal orgasm

Remember, the deeper into the vagina, the more different erogenous points are involved. If the penis penetrates deeply, it can stimulate several of these points at once. So you can provide your woman with a powerful orgasm, often accompanied by contractions of the entire uterus.

For a woman, as for a man, at the moment of a deep orgasm, all the cells of the body are renewed. This is a powerful splash of energy and a reconfiguration of the body's work, an increase in metabolism. Therefore, sex is indicated for weight loss.

6.Jet orgasm

Jet orgasm is also called female ejaculation. The fact is that fluid can literally shoot out of the vagina and the glands around the urethra.

Jet orgasm (squirt) is one of the varieties of female orgasm, surpassing many others in intensity. But its main feature is the possibility of repetition. If there was a squirt, after a few seconds it can happen again and again. Unlike other peaks of pleasure, no break is required for recovery.

Such an orgasm usually happens during vaginal contact. However, even stroking and touching the area near the urethra can provoke an orgasm. Let me remind you that not every woman is capable of an orgasm at all, especially a jet one. If you, as a man, were lucky enough to meet a partner who knows how to have fun or you yourself are her, you are immensely lucky.

Usually, a jet orgasm can last up to three minutes. For comparison, the clitoral lasts up to 20 seconds. When a woman squirts, she gets great pleasure, it is not concentrated only in the genitals. The pleasure of a jet orgasm spreads throughout the woman's body.

With one jet orgasm, up to 50 ml of a special secret can be released. It begins to collect when exposed to the G-spot. And if you stimulate it for at least two minutes, there is a release of fluid. But all this flows from the urethra, and not from the vagina.

The secret has no color, it does not leave traces on clothes. But at the same time there is a musky smell that attracts men. These are natural female pheromones.

Why do not all women experience a jet orgasm?

The secret of a jet orgasm is the stimulation of the G-spot. During normal vaginal sex, the penis only slightly touches this important erogenous zone, which is why the G-spot is inactive in many women. To have fun, you need to specifically stimulate this area of the vagina.

It is not difficult to wake up the G-spot, but it takes time and training to activate it to the full. It is important to massage the desired area during foreplay. Pressing with different intensity, stroking will definitely start working. After such manipulations, excitement will increase, and ordinary orgasms will become brighter and longer. And only when the G-spot begins to respond to touches very quickly, when the area becomes sensitive, you can proceed to calling a jet orgasm.



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In the book "Female orgasm. The best guide" describes in detail 11 types of female orgasm and techniques for achieving full satisfaction of a partner, including the technique of squirt. 9 ways to help a partner achieve orgasm are described. 4 tips are given to women who can't enjoy it - how to fix it. And 20 poses are described by a man from behind for a bright female orgasm. After reading the book, there is a passionate desire to apply knowledge in practice and see your woman satisfied and satisfied!

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