Книга - Never call me a spy. Part two

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Never call me a spy. Part two
Nataliya Bogoluibova

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Nataliya Bogoluibova

Never call me a spy. Part two


Derek, were going to Ras Mohammed! Youd better change the tires for sand! Wheres Notaspy? Emma asked.

He went to get Butter Pecan Ice Cream, Derek replied.

Oh, no! Hes always picking the worst possible time!

Colin and his father dashed to their red off-roader to change tires. Emma managed to get the shovels. In an hour they returned to the spot and were ready to hit the road.

Notaspy had already been there waiting for them. His muzzle looked sad. The tail quivered slightly, questioningly.

I thought youd left me behind, his voice cracked.

Thats what you deserve, Emma reproached him. You must make a choice. Butter Pecan or the Scarab?

I hate Butter Pecan. I ran to buy a pack of onion chips.

It sounds oddcoming from you, Emma noted.

No time to waste, Derek shouted, Im driving. Get in!

To the Ras Mohammed Gate, Emma cried out.

They saw magnificent tangled mangroves at the costal line. The turquoise sea and the bright greenery were in complete contrast to the lifeless desert around. At first, they didnt speak, awed by the experience.

The water is salty, isnt it? How can the shrubs survive? Colin broke the silence, his eyes beaming with surprise.

Mangroves grow in coastal saline or brackish water, Derek explained. Theyre the only species of trees in the world that can tolerate saltwater.

The thief left a mangrove leaf in the museum, didnt he? We would better examine the spot briefly in order not to miss any clue that could lead to the criminal, Emma suggested.

Theres no point in wandering in the mangroves for some vague hope. It may be a myth that the Scarab can spin time back, the meerkat whimpered. Lets return to the city and relax in a cold bath! Its not worth suffering in the heat.

Well, it feels like youre purposely trying to slow us down. What has happened to you? Emma frowned.

Notaspy complained, Its just the heat, I think.

Colin cried out, Look! There issomething over there.

A golden bracelet was glittering in the sand.

I bet its from the Royal Museum! Derek alleged.

The thief might have been here and dropped the bracelet! Emma agreed with Derek.

It gives no clue to the Scarab and the theft, the meerkat grumbled. A tourist might have lost the bracelet here.

After checking the area, they drove to the Gate. Every hundred meters the road was getting worse. Less than an hour the car floundered in the sand.

Now what? Lets just leave the fragile hopes of finding the Scarab, the meerkat moaned. Wandering through the desert in such torrid weather is suicide!

What shall we do? Derek exclaimed. There is no chance to find another car in the desert.

Well ride camels! Colin beamed as he saw a camel herd in the distance. They dashed to the coast.

All of them, except Emma, mounted the camels. She had a hard time chasing after the pack animals. The camels she wanted to approach, darted away at the sight of the crocodile. At last she found one who was too brave or lazy to flee. She mounted the beast with a triumphant smile.

They were riding through the dunes until they saw the Ras Mohammed Gate. The view was so truly and utterly awesome! The desert deepened into shades of burnt orange as the days heat dissipated. They dismounted the camels.

Emma started acting weird. She zigzagged on the sand mumbling, 6-16-7-6-9. Even numbers turn right.

Why are you walking in circles!? Notaspy asked her. I hope you havent gone crazy! I insist on a cold bath for you!

Odd numbers turn leftDont bother me right now. Im concentrating, she snarled at him. Get out of the way!

Seven steps, turn left. Six steps, right. Nine, left, she repeated. Then she stopped and began digging, sand flowing in all directions. Derek and Colin were intrigued and helped her. Notaspy was goofing around. He pretended that it was none of his business and tried to act as casual as possible.

Im just on the lookout, he said. My paws are not meant for digging, sorry. Im afraid of being buried under the sand.

Emma looked at him suspiciously, but didnt utter a word. A few moments later, her shovel hit something solid.

The jewelries! the meerkat exclaimed as he dashed to the spot. He looked hungrily at the carved golden casket.

Inside this casket lies a surprise. The Scarab! he said.

Colin was stunned, Howd you find out about this?

Never mind. Ive just figured it out, the meerkat said confidently. Lets open the casket. Give me the key.

What key? I havent told anyone about the key. How did you know? Emma smirked and looked at him with distrust.

I had deciphered the code lock and found the instructions and the tiny key inside, Emma the Crocodile said. I chose to conceal the information from all of you because I suspected that there was a mole in our company.

What?! Thats impossible! Who? cried the meerkat grinning wickedly as grabbed the casket with the artifact.

Notaspy, perhaps you know better, the crocodile replied in a loud, steady voice, or should I call you Ramses? You captured Notaspy when he was buying his favorite ice cream! Did you use the Spy Twinning Technology?

Ramses tossed back his head in a howl of berserk laughter. His whiskers wrinkled ominously.

He said, Youre obviously smarter than you look. But youre mistaken. Notaspy was replaced by me a long before! I had to hinder your efforts to find the artifact!

Spinning like a whirling dervish, Ramses split into two.

Thanks, friends. Im happy to see you, the trembling voice of Notaspy was faint and weary. He was exhausted.

Save your energy! Everything will be all right, Colin said in a supportive voice. Were here to help you!

Ramses will open the casket! Derek shouted in despair.

Dont worry! Emma said in a calm voice, Ive got the key. He will have to deal with me to get the Scarab.

Whod ever need you to open the casket? I always keep a spare key, the evil meerkat growled maliciously, I just wanted to have yours so that you could never open my treasure box. Its time to show you the power of this artifact!

Ramses opened the casket and took out the Scarab. He grinned and scratched the Scarab with the crocodile tooth. The Scarab was spinning time back. Everything went into slow motion. It became very cold and frosty; sharp ice blades hit the dunes. Withered leaves fell from the skies. The strong north wind howled. The sleety snow froze in

mysterious shapes. Everything looked grotesque and unreal.

Derek was struggling to stand up. Emma was hovering in midair, contorted in a ridiculous position. The suffocating cloud enveloped Notaspy. He was coughing and sneezing. The meerkat could hardly breathe. Colin felt that something had hit him in the chest. Spinning knives, the boy guessed. He was not scared because Emma had insisted on wearing the bulletproof T-shirt.

Emma managed to whip Ramses with her tail. He dropped the Scarab. It rolled and fell onto the sand. There was a large crack caused by the earthquake near the Gate.

Ramses screamed in disgust and frustration. His eyes blazed with fury. He saw a burrow in the sand and retreated.

Then just like that, everything went back to normal.

Are you all right? Emma looked at the boy anxiously.

Sure. Thanks to the bulletproof T-shirt! Colin answered.

Lets take Notaspy to the hospital, she shouted.

Ill stay and do a sweep, Derek said thoughtfully. Just in case. If Ramses has the intention to come back, we wont give him any chance to win the Scarab back!

Thats an excellent idea! Ill come back as soon as I can. Be careful! Emma looked worried.

Dad, may I go with Emma? Colin asked.

You may go provided that you promise me to wear the bulletproof T-shirt! Derek said sternly. Dont waste time!

Of course, the boy replied. Take my spy night googles! Youll need them as twilights approaching!

Then, off they went. Emma looked around, scanning the sandy surface of the desert. At first, they were vividly discussing the fate of the Scarab, but soon their talk faded. Emma the Crocodile was too frustrated to think about the artifact. Notaspy was her only concern at the moment. The silence embraced them. It was interrupted by the muffled shhhsh, shhhsh, shhhsh of their camels hooves. They traversed through the dunes, heading towards the city.


Im glad to hear that Notaspys feeling better, Colin said, but hes under doctors orders to rest.

The mysterious disappearance of the Scarab puzzles me! Why did I fail to find it? Derek asked Emma. I searched through the place. Did the Scarab fall into the crack?

She scratched her head over his vexing questions.

They were sitting by the fireplace sipping mint tea.

The Scarab has been buried under the thickness of sand! Among those free flowing dunes, the boy suggested.

The only explanation for this is that someone else might have got possession of it while we were fighting Ramses, Emma said. Evil creatures have always dreamt of it.

There was nobody around! Colin disagreed with her.

Whats about Ramses? Derek asked.

Have you read the Daily Crocodile Express today? Emma asked in surprise, THE ROYAL JEWELRY MUSEUM THIEF HAS BEEN ARRESTED BY THE POLICE. RAMSES IS BEHIND BARS. Its on the papers front page.

The police received an anonymous tip-off and found Ramses when he was trying to sell the stolen jewelries. They dusted for prints and compared them to those taken at the Royal Museum. Perfect match, the crocodile added.

It isnt surprising, is it? Colin said, Lets visit Notaspy and tell him the news! He asked me to keep him informed.

Of course, Emma replied, but there is one small issue that I still have to take care of. Lets just stop by the spice shop. Ill take herbal tea for the patient if you dont mind.

In ten minutes they found themselves in the spice shop. There were numerous tubs with fragrant spices and herbs, and of course, hand-decorated plates and tea bowls there.

An Aladdins cave of flavors! Derek exclaimed.

Just walking in here is a treat! Colin agreed.

Emma cried out, Saul the Gator Boy! Are you here?

My dear! Nice to see you, he smiled with delight.

If you sit on two chairs, you just end up falling into the gap in between, she said, looking straight into his eyes. Are you a traitor dealing with Hunter the Bat?

Come on, Emma! You cant have fallen for it, he said with a smirk. Youre kidding, right? Of course, and I knew it!



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